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Third Solutions launched the first multi-merchant digital receipts service
which is operationally live as MyReceipts®

Third Solutions is a subsidiary of SPINS, LLC and is defining the future of a universal digital receipt platform via online and mobile applications for consumers, retailers and brands. The MyReceipts platform collects real-time transactional data from various POS systems, improves customer loyalty and provides unprecedented access to consumer data for personalized targeted marketing. MyReceipts is the Leading Digital Receipt Platform that allows consumers to receive and track receipts online, access information about products purchased and create customized reports instantly in one safe, convenient place. To learn more about Third Solutions and the MyReceipts service, please visit: www.myreceipts.com.

What we do?

MyReceipts is currently the leading multi-merchant digital receipts service that electronically aggregates itemized receipts from participating merchants and presents them to consumers via our website and mobile applications. Our platform enables consumers to manage all their receipts, products, and promotions in one place while providing marketers and retailers with a more powerful and effective target marketing, customer insight and real-time reporting engine.


MyReceipts is a patent-pending platform designed to facilitate digital receipt capture at the point-of-sale, validate and apply personalized coupons at the time of purchase, process and drive intelligence from mass quantities of transactional data, and deliver targeted functionality to each of its three customer groups. Facilitating the integration with retailers’ point-of-sale, we have developed key partnerships with the leading POS providers including IBM, NCR, Retalix and others.


MyReceipts is available in over 350 stores servicing over 1 million customers. MyReceipts has taken a leading role in setting industry standards and defining proprietary intellectual property. It is the only platform that has been operational for over 3 years and is available through a large number of POS solutions.

What do our customers say?

Every store should offer digital receipts - My grocery store is now offering digital receipts. Now I want everywhere that I shop to do it. Robin Shreeves


MyReceipts - A unique proposition

MyReceipts.com; offers customers a number of key features
View receipts | View store information | View production information
Manage shopping lists | Receive relevant offers

Consumers can see detailed product information based on their purchases
Customers can rate, review and share the products they buy
Customers can also add products to their shopping list
Soon, customers will start receiving relevant offers based on their previous purchase behavior




  • POS Plug-ins – real-time collection of transaction data directly from your POS – no new hardware – large scale data aggregation and cleansing processing
  • Digital Receipts – innovative solution for your consumers, ability to suppress paper receipts, manage all store transaction data via a cloud-based service
  • Customer Engagement – customer loyalty via action-based analytics and insights



  • Digital Receipts: receive and manage your receipts online (web & mobile) while you maintain your privacy and set your notification preferences. Create and manage your own dynamic shopping lists
  • Store & Product Information: get detailed information about the stores you shop and the products you buy. Make better buying decisions
  • Email Inbox: create your own email address @myreceipts.com and receive and organize all your email receipts in one place.



  • Customer Engagement: Direct engagement with consumers via the MyReceipts Digital Coupon platform
  • Real-time Analytics and Insights: just-in-time action-based access to analytics driven by highly customization customer segmentation preferences
  • Brand Awareness: opportunity to educate customers on the brand they buy or introduce new products and tastes based on detailed customer profiling rules

February 2014

Digital Receipts Collected

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